Truth in cartooning, as in Real Life


Ilah is one of those cartoonist who manage to capture Real Life in a few carefully chosen lines. She makes it look so easy, and still has me stumped every time I see one of her cartoons or strips.

The strip above might as well be drawn for life in the morning at Château Sparehed… Even if you don’t speak Dutch, the meaning is clear I think. If not, here’s a quick translation :

  • Hello son ! Did you sleep well ?
  • Mumble mumble mumble mumble…
  • Hello mommy…

(Strip © by Ilah, published in De Morgen, august, 13, 2007)

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3 Responses to Truth in cartooning, as in Real Life

  1. Matt Brady says:

    Wow, that is some beautiful cartooning. I’m always amazed when cartoonists can convey so much with just a few lines. Here, the facial expressions are minimal, and nearly everything is conveyed through posture. Beautiful stuff.

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