No Inspiration, No Future

Spider-Man and Catwoman advertise for Chech bookstore Shakespeare And Sons . A campaign by Publicis, with illustrations credited to Petr Herold, Sattons (but no copyright information on the characters in sight).

Ads of the world provides more info on the books (quoted) :

Spiderman is reading book BEETLES. It is a classic and timeless childrens book written by Jan Karafiat in 1867. It tells stories of a young beatle from his birth to falling love and other adventures and challenges that life brings. It describes wonderfully the psychological growth of a young being and all that one sees and learns about the world.

CatWoman is reading book ALL ABOUT DOGGIE AND PUSSYCAT. It is a chlidrens book by Josef Lada known and loved by generations of children and their parents. All of their stories and adventures relate to their living together and all the things they experience. From keeping the house to making a cake.

(via 2WENTY 4OUR)

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5 Responses to No Inspiration, No Future

  1. Hi Chris –

    You may want to try and contact the good people at Shakespeare And Sons ( for permission. I’m sure they won’t mind.

    good luck,

    The Ephemerist

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Op, I am a student teacher and was wondering if I would be able to gain permission to use the images to try and inspire reading in a class I am currently on a placement in?

    Superheroes reading is a topic I would like to explore and the Spiderman image in particular would be extremely helpful.

  3. sparehed says:

    I’m sorry – the only copy i have is the digital one right here.

  4. Taylor says:

    Can I buy a copy of the Spiderman picture?

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