Nick Lowe – at my age


By chance, I came across this cover art for Nick Lowe‘s new album, At My Age. I saw Lowe a few years ago performing solo (with the fabulous Geraint Watkins as support) and this image totally captures the man. He is that thin and he is that cool and his hair is that white.

I haven’t heard the music yet, but if it’s on a par with the cover, it can’t be bad. Now, if only I knew who drew this…

Update – Thanks to Jesus L (see below), I found out that the illustration was done by Phil Hankinson. Judging from his other work on his agent’s website, here’s another name to keep on the lookout for.

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2 Responses to Nick Lowe – at my age

  1. Noah Ramon says:

    The “then” and “now” for the man is amazing – looking at him from his days just before Rockpile and then his pics now… Wow.

    Music’s still awesome, though.

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