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New Yorker Swarte

Joost Swarte provided the cover for this week’s issue of The New Yorker. I had to blow up an image from the New Yorker shop, so the quality is not that good. Sorry.

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Economist Reader = Superman ?

A very a-typical Economist ad, from Ads of the World.

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Toby Careful (Yahoo Group Recap)

The Adventures Of Toby Careful is a very strange but quite entertaining strip by Jack Unruh that appeared in the Washington Post Health section on july 19, 2005. I don’t know whether this was part of a longer series, but … Continue reading

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Symbolia (Yahoo Group Recap)

Cartoon Symbolia is a very intertaining and enlightening comic by Dash Shaw about all those loose lines that are scattered through comics and strips, having all kinds of meanings. The lighter side of semiotics, as it were. Highly recommendable

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The Comic Factory

Here’s another of Pieter De Poortere‘s great bird’s eye view illustrations that I blogged about earlier. This one was published on the cover of Focus Knack, to announce a lenghty article about the current state of Flemish cartoon and comics, … Continue reading

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Party Posters by Vander Veken

For the fifth year Patrick Janssens, mayor of Antwerp, is holding an open-air party for the people of his city, to keep contact with his constituents and keep him on their minds as well, I guess. This year, though, there’s … Continue reading

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Sort of Tarzan

Bannman has published an abandoned Tarzan project for the Flight anthology. I hope he finds the time to complete it. This scene with the elephants stuck in traffic really made me chuckle (which is not the way to go in … Continue reading

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No Inspiration, No Future

Spider-Man and Catwoman advertise for Chech bookstore Shakespeare And Sons . A campaign by Publicis, with illustrations credited to Petr Herold, Sattons (but no copyright information on the characters in sight). Ads of the world provides more info on the … Continue reading

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The Dawn of Dilbert (Yahoo Group Recap)

A second recap from the Ephemerist Yahoo Group. A while ago, Scott Adams published his very first cartoons, with which he pitched his series, Dilbert, on A quite unique look into the past, and it even makes Dogbert, my … Continue reading

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Marjane Satrapi at Women and Children First (Yahoo Group Recap)

This is a repost from the Ephemerist Yahoo Group. I’m a little short on new material, so I decided to focus on some online features that are still available, but may have faded a little. This is a report on … Continue reading

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