Nutricia Baby Books 7 – The Little Donkey

It’s been quite a while since I posted another Nutricia Baby Book. I wanted to do them all in sequence, and so I waited until I got them all lined up. However, number 6, “Doll Bathing Day”, is impossible to find. And so, let’s go on with number 7, another one of those educational and moralistic children’s stories with oh so cute drawings, for here is…


“The Little Donkey”


“Teddy was a little donkey who wanted to work so badly. ‘If only I could take something to the market now and then instead of doing nothing at all’, he often sadly told his friends, the little birds and little rabbits. But everybody always said he was much to small for things like that. And so in the end, Teddy decided to leave.”

“One night, when the moon was shining brightly, he greeted his friends, jumped across the fence that surrounded his meadow and ran towards to road.”


“Teddy ran on through the dark. Suddenly something flew through the sky above him, yelling loudly. Teddy startled. But a friendly voice said, ‘I am uho, the owl. What’s a little donkey like you doing here ?’ ‘I am not little’, Teddy said a little angry, ‘and I want to work. You couldn’t tell me where I could find some work, could you ?'”

“‘Why don’t you try the beach ?’, Uhu said, ‘Little children like to ride donkeys over there.'”


“The next morning, Teddy arrived at the sunny beach. It was just like the owl had said. He was four donkeys with nice saddles on their back and little chimes around the neck. ‘Oh, that’s pretty’, Teddy said.”


The donkeys’ boss saw Teddie standing there.  He said, “What a nice little donkey !  You’ll have some growing to do, however, before kids will be able to ride on your back.”

Teddy was about to say that he was big enough, when he saw a big, red crab.  And he immediately fled in a fright.

Only at the end of the beach, when he could run no further, he stopped, panting.

b007-006.jpg“‘Help ! Help !’ Teddie heard all of a sudden. He looked around and saw a little boy standing on a rock. The waves smashed into the rock, and the water got higher and higher… If no-one helped this kid, he would surely end up in the sea. ‘Please help me’, the boy screamed. Teddy had never been in the sea before. Still, he didn’t have to think long and bravely stepped into the water. Very soon, he was near the rock.”

“The boy climbed on his back and held tightly. And so Teddy brought him to safety.”


“And when the donkeys’ boss saw how brave Teddy was, he immediately bought a red saddle and a shining chime for him. ‘I’m very proud of you’, the man said. And of all the donkeys, the kids loved Teddy the most. He was so sweet and little, and still so proud and strong. And from that moment on, Teddy felt very happy at the beach.”

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2 Responses to Nutricia Baby Books 7 – The Little Donkey

  1. sparehed says:

    Thanks for your remark. I too would like those books, but so far I haven’t been able to get my hands on them. As soon as I have them, I’ll post them.

  2. ali says:

    I hope I get the following Asdart

    6-Dolls’ Bathing Day
    13-Ducky Quack
    14-The Train Trip
    15-The Race

    Because the links do not work
    Thank you very much

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