Nutrica Baby Books 8 – Animal Adventure

Last week we read the story of a little donkey at the beach. There’s water in this week’s story as well, and it is called…


“Animal Adventure”


“A mouse, a snail, a rabbid and a kitten went to the fair. While they were preparing a picknick, a frog walked by. ‘I’m going to the fair and win a whole lot of prizes’, he said, ‘Shall I show you a special road ?’ ‘Yes, please’, the little friends said.”

“A little later the frog jumped in the water of a wide river. ‘This way !’, he laughed.”


“‘Is that your special way ?’ the friends asked a little angry. ‘Ha, ha, ha ! It’s true !’, the frog laughed, ‘You can’t swim , can you ?’ The little friends tought for a while and when the kitten found an empty nutshell, they figured out a wonderful plan. Quickly the mouse looked for a stick, the snail for a piece of string and the rabbit took his handkerchief.”

“They put the stick upright in the nutshell and fixed the handkerchief with the rope to the stick.”


“And so they made a beautiful sailing ship. The frog was very disappointed and he didn’t joke anymore when they sailed past him. ‘We’ll see you at the fair’, they called merrily to him… “


“‘This is faster than walking’, the kitten said. ‘And faster than swimming’, the snail laughed. When they heard the sounds of the fair, the steered towards the shore and tied their boat down. ‘We sure don’t need the frog to show us a special way’, the mouse said merrily, all the while carrying the heavy basket with the rabbit. ‘We arrived at the fair first !'”

“It was very nice in the merry-go-round and on the swing. They forgot all about the frog.”


“When the four friends wanted to start on their picknick, the frog came towards them. His arms were full of prizes. ‘Look here !’, he yelled, ‘This is what I won on the fair’. The friends were a little impressed by this. ‘If I can join you at your picknick, you can have one of my prizes and I won’t tease you anymore’. ‘All right’, the snail said, ‘it’s better to be friends than to tease one another'”.

“The frog gave them a box of cookies. They made a fire and enjoyed their delicious picknick.”

b008-007.jpg“And then it was time to go home. ‘You know something’, the frog said, ‘I’ll share my prizes with you like a true friend.’ ‘And in return you can join us in our boat’, the rabbit said, ‘because now we are good friends.'”

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