Nutricia Baby Books 9 – At The Beach

Once again, we present a story that is set at the beach. And since there’s no donkey involved, it is simply called…


“At the Beach”


“Josie and Mark lived close to the beach. Naturally they went out there quite often to play. And so they did on a hot summer’s day, when mother had given Josie a new bucket, and Mark a new wooden spade. On the way to the beach they had agreed to make a big castle.”

“They started immediately. Mark shoveled the sand together and Josie made the little towes with her bucket.”


“A castle is not complete without a moat. Josie and Mark knew that all too well. At last it was finished. ‘Pooh’, Josie said, ‘I’ve gotten quite hot !’ ‘Yeah’, Mark said, ‘But it is the most beautiful castle at the beach ! How about a quick paddle in the water ?”

“‘Why don’t we rather make a boat ride ?’, Josie suggested. ‘There’s a nice boat lying over there.'” ‘


“They went towards the boat en stepped aboard. They weren’t allowed to, but they paid no attention to that ! The children had a jolly good time ! ‘They must have forgotten all about us’, the spade and bucket sobbed.”


“‘Oh, look, the water’s rising !’ the spade exclaimed. Suddenly a big wave came rolling in. And a minute later the little bucket and the spade were floating on the water. ‘Luckily we float’, the bucket said. A little mermaid, who was playing with the fish, suddenly saw Josie and Mark’s castle.”

“She swam towards it and climbed on top. ‘What a nice view you have here !, she called out laughing.”


“Then she saw the bucket and the spade. ‘How did those two end up in the middle of the sea ?’ the little mermaid wondered. She looked around and startled when she saw that Josie and Mark had lost their oars, and their boat was floating away from the shore. The mermaid leaped in the water, jumped in the bucket and rowed with the spade towards the children.

‘”Look over there !’ Mark called out, ‘It’s our bucket and spade !’ ‘Now we’re saved’ Josie cheered.”


“They hadn’t seen the mermaid. Mark rowed towards the beach with the spade and Josie heaved water out of the boat with the bucket. And when they had reached the shore again, Mark wondered, ‘How did our spade and bucket find us back ?’ Josie didn’t know the answer to that – only you and I know…”

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