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Grand Prix Legends

I grew up reading the adventures of Michel Vaillant, the French comic (by Jean Graton) about the adventures of a Formula 1 racer and his family. My uncle had a whole bunch of them, and I especially liked the earlier … Continue reading

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Here is, of course, the celebrated comic in which Richard McGuire interweaves incidents and scenes that take place in a single room over time. It was published in RAW 2.1, and it is considered a masterpiece. In 1991, Timothy Masick … Continue reading

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Spirou Reference

Belgian tennis godess Justine Henin has invested in the Belgian basketball team Spirous (Charleroi). Hence this cartoon by Vincent Rif from L’Echo de la Bourse. By the way, hello to all readers from the Justine Henin forum ! Welcome to … Continue reading

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Nutrica Baby Books 8 – Animal Adventure

Last week we read the story of a little donkey at the beach. There’s water in this week’s story as well, and it is called… “Animal Adventure”

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Superman on Digital TV

A very simple ad, sublimely playing on the instant recognisability of Superman’s primary colors costume. (from Ads of the World)

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Copper is back !

copper is back ! Weeee ! (image © 2007 Kazu Kibuishi)

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H.P. Lovecraft by Bruce Timm

This portrait of legendary fantasy writer H.P. Lovecraft was done by no less legendary cartoonist Bruce Timm and can be found, along with other literary portraits by comics luminaries, on the completely rehashed Digital Medusa, which now carries the less … Continue reading

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What On Earth Are We Doing?

Things Magazine has a very nice new project online – a complete scan of What On Earth Are We Doing?, a book from 1976 which is still very topical in this time of climate change and an urgent need for … Continue reading

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City Paper Comics Jam

For their third annual Special Comics Issue, the Baltimore City Paper people organized a Comics Jam, with people like Mark Wheatley, Brian Ralph, and Marc Hempel collaborating on a single comic. The result is interesting, to say the least. While … Continue reading

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Donald Duck Is Actually Funny

My kids have a subscription for the Dutch Donald Duck Magazine (the “Happy Weekly”). I read it sometimes for old times’ sake. This week, however (the “Back to School” issue) I actually had to laugh out loud, when I saw … Continue reading

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