Pharaoh’s Cigars Tattoo


I only wish I had the bloody courage that Colin seems to have to get this kick-ass tattoo. That’s wicked !


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10 Responses to Pharaoh’s Cigars Tattoo

  1. Gus says:

    made mine first! 09/11/2005…sorry dude!
    hit me up for proof

  2. jimmy says:

    wat a waste of skin

  3. Pedro J says:

    Woo! Got a tattoo incorporating the cigars symbol on my chest. Very nice.

  4. filipe says:

    What is the meaning of that tattoo?
    represents what?

  5. Marcus Johansson says:

    Damn, someone else with the same tatoo as mee!!! 🙂

    But i made mine first, april -06

  6. Hey, nice tattoo, dude, put it on my site and see how it rates.

  7. ksklein says:

    wow. what a great tattoo.

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