Persepolis Poster


This is the official poster for the US release of Marjane Satrapi’s feature animation film “Persepolis“. I like it – it really reflects the mood of the book. I hope the film does too.

(via Cinematical)

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6 Responses to Persepolis Poster

  1. Tournelles76 says:

    I saw “Persepolis” in France over the summer, and I was absolutely floored. It’s incredible. I naively thought, however, that it would simply be subtitled for its US release. I’m a little concerned about the choice of Kirsten Dunst to voice the role of Marjane…

  2. ksklein says:

    can´t wait to see the movie. i saw some parts of a trailer on youtube, and i guess the movie will be pretty good.

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