The Cat by Gene Deitch

In 1948, the cartoons that Gene Deitch drew fo Record Changer Magazine, were published as a book, The Cat. As vintage record collector Glen Richards, who reproduced this book on his website, puts it :

“The Cat is the consumate collector; he knows who is on what record, what master is the rarest, exactly how to tweak his system for the ultimate playback. He is an expert in all things musical, an expert in discography, and is always ready to share his knowledge (whether he was requested to or not!). This series of cartoons, drawn by Gene Deitch for Record Changer magazine, was published in 1948. In this age of Rust discographies, compact disks, MP3s and computerized databases, it’s amazing to see how little has changed in 50 years…”

In 2003, these cartoons were collected again as Cat On A Hot Tin Groove, by Fantagraphics.

(image © Gene Deitch – from Glen’s excellent The Hot-Dance & Vintage Jazz Pages)

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