Nutricia Baby Books 11 – The Stupid Little Bear

One more time, and with only one more to go, we delve into the educational treasure trove that is the Nutricia Baby Books. This week, another cuddly toy gets its comeuppance, as I tell you the story of…


“The stupid little bear”

ps : pay attention to the monkey. I hated that monkey !


“Pollipop asked Teddy Bear if he wanted to come along. ‘No’, he said, ‘I’d rather read my book’. ‘But you don’t even know where we’re going’, Pollipop said. ‘I don’t care’, the impatient bear said, ‘Just you go along.’ Teddy is acting strange, Pollipop thought, but it was his decision.”

“Then she went on her way with Minkey the Monkey, Quack the Duck and Govert. They carried a big basked along.”


“His friends had hardly left when Teddy threw his book aside. He took the biggest shopping basket he could find and went straight to farmer Acker’s orchyard. He glimpsed through the fence, but there was no-one to be seen.”

“What beautiful apples ! Teddy threw his basket across the fence and climed across himself.”


“Teddie started picking apples without even wondering whether that was allowed. His basket was almost full, when he heard heavy footsteps approaching. Farmer Acker came, and he was very angry !”


“Teddy ran away as fast as he could. Farmer Acker started chasing him right away. Running away wasn’t easy, with that big, heavy basket. When Teddy heard the farmer’s breathing right behind him, he started to be afraid just a little. And in order to run faster, he dropped his basket. The apples fell in the grass and rolled in front of the running farmer’s feet.”

“Farmer Acker hadn’t noticed the apples at all. He tripped over them and fell on the ground.”


“‘Serves you right’, naughty Teddy laughed, and he ran on. But Farmer Acker hadn’t hurt himself. He scrambled to his feet and was just in time to grab Teddy by his pants and drag him back across the fents. Teddy had to walk all across the orchyard with the angry farmer.”

“Then Teddy saw his friends, who were happily picking apples. Teddy was so surprised !”


“But Teddy had to follow the farmer to a sign at the entrance of the orchyard. ‘Free apples – pick your own, but ask at the farm house first !’, it read. O, Teddy was so ashamed ! And he deserved being laughed at by his friends for his bad behaviour.”

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