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New Frontier

Please. Don’t suck. Oh, and that goes for you too. Be warned.

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Rob Liefeld Can’t Draw

Progressive Boink states the obvious. Hilarious stuff, if it wasn’t so bloody sad.

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Word !

Over on scans_daily, they’re holding Calvin & Hobbes week. This message to C&H creator Bill Waterson is from webcomic Least I Could Do, and I completely second that !

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Marvel Comics is coming !

This ad for Marvel Mystery Comics was drawn by Carl Burgos, and ran in Marvel Stories in may 1040. (thanks, Golden Age Comic Book Stories)

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Le Genial Barbizet

From Agence eureka, Les aventures du génial Barbizet (from 1948) by Pellos. Vintage !

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Surprisingly smooth

King Kong and Tarzan seem to have the same problem (see Ads of the World) .

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The news stand at the center of the world

I like this. A lot. The colors may be a bit to real and too gritty, but I still like it. (from Ain’t It Cool News, still my favorite guilty geekboy pleasure)

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