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New Frontier

Please. Don’t suck. Oh, and that goes for you too. Be warned.

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Rob Liefeld Can’t Draw

Progressive Boink states the obvious. Hilarious stuff, if it wasn’t so bloody sad.

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Word !

Over on scans_daily, they’re holding Calvin & Hobbes week. This message to C&H creator Bill Waterson is from webcomic Least I Could Do, and I completely second that !

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Marvel Comics is coming !

This ad for Marvel Mystery Comics was drawn by Carl Burgos, and ran in Marvel Stories in may 1040. (thanks, Golden Age Comic Book Stories)

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Le Genial Barbizet

From Agence eureka, Les aventures du génial Barbizet (from 1948) by Pellos. Vintage !

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Surprisingly smooth

King Kong and Tarzan seem to have the same problem (see Ads of the World) .

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The news stand at the center of the world

I like this. A lot. The colors may be a bit to real and too gritty, but I still like it. (from Ain’t It Cool News, still my favorite guilty geekboy pleasure)

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Casper fights plaque !

From Polite Dissent comes a nice little PSA from Harvey comics, featuring Casper the Friendly Ghost. I’ve never really quite been hep to the whole Casper rationale. What’s he saying anyway : “Ghosts are bad, except this one ?” That … Continue reading

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I Can Has Video

From Boing Boing : the history of Laughing Out Loud Cats, as blogged about earlier.

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55 Years Of Donald Duck Magazine

Donald Duck, the Dutch Disney comics weekly, celebrated its 55th anniversary earlier (well, it’s just as good an anniversary as any, isn’t it ?). On that occasion, they actually buried the cover of their festive issue with an avalanche of … Continue reading

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