How to solve our constitutional crisis ?

Nero decorated

As we speak, Belgium has been without a government for more than 150 days. The fact that most of my countrymen don’t really seem to care (except for the fact that prices are starting to rise noticeably) is probably the most pathetic aspect of this drama.

Anyway, let’s not forget that we have been longer without Nero in our newspapers, and that self-same Nero celebrated his 60the anniversary last month (Nero, by the way, who is probably the only newspaper strip character actually having a plaque next to his door saying “newspaper strip character”).

Which prompted our King to ask him for help. And so it happened, as presented by cartoonist chameleon Dirk Stallaert in a special issue of De Standaard


I didn’t bother to translate this one – if you would like a translation, let me know via the contact page.

(Nero © De Standaard Uitgeverij)

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