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The Blimp Man

Selling dreams in the 1940’s, from Crash Comic Adventures #1, as published by Holyoke in 1940). If only I had a belt like that, and if only it worked.

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Dan DiDio Wants Your Candy Too !

From the DC Infinite Halloween Special (which, by the way, isn’t half bad as holiday specials go). Looks like they’re trying to pull the Marvel-Bullpen-cum-Image-Rebels spiel all over again. Who can name the other eager beavers in this picture, besides … Continue reading

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Dark Horse Presents Again !

Dark Horse Presents, or DHP for short, introduced me to some of the finest cartoonist around. Evan Dorkin, Paul Pope, RenĂ©e French, Stan Sakai, to name but a few – I first saw their work in that wonderful anthology that … Continue reading

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Show some restraint !

Morgan “Super Size Me” Spurlock is at it again with “What Would Jesus Buy ?“, in which he follows the reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir on a cross-country mission to save Christmas from the Shopocalypse. … Continue reading

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Clear Line Rules at New Yorker

I had bought the oct. 22 issue of the New Yorker for John Updike’s review of the recent Charles Schultz biography, but lo and behold, there were also illustrations by two of my favorite ligne claire cartoonists to be savoured … Continue reading

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Not so dumb

(from Vintage ads)

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Went to London…

… stayed at a friend’s flat in Bethnal Green, walked through Pollard Street daily on our way to the tube and left the day before this arrived. Aargh ! Thanks, Wooster Collective, for disturbing my innocent bliss ! Oh, and … Continue reading

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Chris Ware does a Movie Poster

Awards Daily has the new poster for the Philip Seymour Hoffman film The Savages, which was done by Chris Ware (as confirmed, it would seem about a month ago) by the Acme Novelty Archive. And people rave about it.

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A good one, though a bit crudely executed, from My Confined Space. Anything that reveals Rob Liefeld to be the sad, pathetic git that he is, is worthy of our attention.

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The Fantastic Three

The Fantastic Three are a French instrumental surf / rockabilly combo. I wonder where they got their name from…

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