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Now on iPhone

As of today, The Ephemerist is also available in a mobile edition. Thanks to the iWPhone Theme and Plugin by ContentRobot, those extra mobile Ephemerist readers can savour their daily fix while on the move and without having to constantly … Continue reading

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Bite me, ya hump !

It’s 1993, and the comics glut is at full swing. Rulers of the domain are Image, who bury the market under ultra-rare collector’s issues with alternative embossed chromium foil green logo hologram covers, grim heroes and zero content, and Wizard … Continue reading

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Mars Ink by Craig

I was cleaning out what has become commonly known as the “comic closet” in the Ephemerist Mansions, and came across an old Top Shelf catalog, which featured a beautiful silk screened cover. On the back of the brochure I disocvered … Continue reading

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Nutricia Baby Books 012 – The Little Doe

For a twelfth and final time, We present you an installment of the stories-with-a-lesson that are the Nutricia Baby Books. This week, it’s cute animal time, as we present you the story of … “The Little Doe”

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Views Of Turnhout

As is the case every other year, last weekend the quiet Flemish town of Turnhout was completely conquered by hordes of die-hard comics fans (well, more like a steady dribble, but there you have it) for the Strip Turnhout Festival. … Continue reading

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Tintin En Kangou

Hilarious. (Source)

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Agent Zero

From Showcase #64, 1966. This semi-naive art makes me a bit melancholic.

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Fearless Fosdick’s hair is perfect

From Big Town #35, 1955. I’m not sure whether Capp did this strip himself. The type looks genuine enough, as does Fosdick (although there’s a suspicous lack of holes in his body), but I have my doubts about the prisoners.

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Comics ads win at the Clio Awards

This year’s Clio Awards for print advertising feature an impressive line-up of ads and campaigns that clearly show inflcuence from comics and graphical narratives. Check out these campaigns for New Zealand vodka 42 Below (by Saatchi And Saatchi), which won … Continue reading

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It’s a whole new medium

From Big Town #20, 1953. From Sandman Presents : Petrefax # 4, 2000. (Superman © DC Comics)

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