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The Pink Floyd

In 1975 British prog rockers Pink Floyd were in their youthful heydays. Flying pigs and clashing egos were still a long way away, and punk, which would denounce their experimental and long-winded music as derivative, self-obsessed and elitist, was still an idea in the head of a very keen shop owner. Pink Floyd was subversive, and young, and hip with the times.

And so, to keep up with those times, they presented the programme for their 1975 tour in the form of an underground comic. Each of the band members have their own strip : Roger Waters is a Roy Of The Rovers clone, Nick Mason is a sturdy captain taking on WWII U-boats, Richard Wright may as well have stepped out of a Spain Rodriguez cartoon and Dave Gilmour is a poor-man’s Evel Knievel. There’s even a Gerald Scarfe center spread !

Enjoy (and thanks to the scanner who provided us with this gem) !

(update – according to JazJaz, this post is NSFW, so you’re warned) 

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