The Final Say

From Balthazar B, really the only sensible thing to say in the debate on whether or not Hergé was racist or not. True.

At the request of Barry, here’s an attempt to a translation. I’m not really sure about this semi-patois caricature, so if somebody can review this translation, be my guest :

Black boy : “It too late, my friends. Him Hergé him already dead ! We no can kill him !”

Chinese boy (Tchang) : “I did tell you so.”

Jewish man : “Ooh ! Him starting to blow me up, that Chinook !”

Black man : “Him lemonface only claim him so clever because him be on picture with him Tintin !”

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4 Responses to The Final Say

  1. balthazar says:

    Thank you for using my cartoon as a reference on this question, but next time, will you please ask me before ?

    Of course, I made this cartoon not to offend chinese, jewish or african people, but to point the absurdity of the recent discussion about Hergé.

    If people want to burn “Tintin au Congo” they’ll have to get rid of a great part of their best books, including Voltaire, Kipling, Pagnol, Celine, of course, and many many others…

  2. A translation would be appreciated, if you have the inclination…

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