Views Of Turnhout

As is the case every other year, last weekend the quiet Flemish town of Turnhout was completely conquered by hordes of die-hard comics fans (well, more like a steady dribble, but there you have it) for the Strip Turnhout Festival. It was a good festival, with some very interesting shows (on Michel Vaillant and Kim Duchateau, amongst others), Scott McCloud doing his spiel and an evening of music accompanied by cartoonists (instead of vice versa).

The Festival also unveiled some very interesting publications, such as the Dutch translation of Matt Madden’s 99 Ways To Tell A Story (translated by yours truly), and a set of postcards by Turnhout City Artist Jan van der Veken (blogged about before), featuring a series of typical Turnhout views. And since the Turnhout people are very nice, we present these cards here, for all you millions who couldn’t make it (thanks, Toon).

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