Nutricia Baby Books 012 – The Little Doe

For a twelfth and final time, We present you an installment of the stories-with-a-lesson that are the Nutricia Baby Books. This week, it’s cute animal time, as we present you the story of …


“The Little Doe”


“The forest friends came across a small, sleeping doe. ‘She’s very pretty’, Prickly the hedgehog said. ‘And cute as well’, Squirry the scuirrel added. Mabie the doe woke up, looked around and smiled, ‘Would any of you know of a house where I could live ?'”

“‘She can live with us, in the forest”, Ricky Rabbit said, ‘Let’s find a nice house for her.'”


“They went into the forest. The robin, who had flown out before them, found a little nest. But that wouldn’t fit Mabie, of course. Prickly suggested using a big pile of leaves. ‘And what about when it starts raining ?”, Mabie said. Well, Prickly hadn’t thought of that. Pip the dormouse brought them to a little hole in a tree. But that was far too small.”

“They found some more holes. Not one was big enough for Mabie. It made them rather sad.”


“Mabie was almost crying, when Pip said, ‘Why don’t we just build a house ?’ That was a wonderful idea. They started working immediately and before nightfall, there was nice little house in the forest.”


“Mabie was very happy with her new little house, and she was also very proud about her beautiful garden. She startled when one morning, she noticed that the whole garden had been ransacked. The beanstalks lay broken on the ground, and a few carrots had gone missing. She called in her friends and they found traces in the soft earth. Charlie Rabbit shivered. ‘They are Freddy Fox’s”, he said.

“They talked about what they had to do. Prickly came up with a little plan, which they all liked.”


“All the little friends came to Mabie’s house. With their shovels they dug a deep hole right behind the garden gate. Squirry put a piece of cardboard on the whole and Pip covered that with a thin layer of earth. Now the hole was completely hidden. Then they quickly went into Mabie’s house. They waited in suspense…”

“It was almost dark, when Freddie Fox came creeping up to the gate. Very quietly he opened the garden gate.”


“He wanted to sneak a little further, stepped on the cardboard and…. ‘Help’, Freddie screamed. He had fallen into the hole ! It took a lot of effort to climb out of it again. ‘I’ll never come round here again !’, he screamed and fled away ! Our little friends danced and cheered ! And they never saw Freddie Fox again.”

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4 Responses to Nutricia Baby Books 012 – The Little Doe

  1. sparehed says:

    Hi Michele-

    thanks for your reply. If you check out this link you’ll find more of these books. I haven’t been able to track down 13-15, and I used to have nr 6, but I lost it.

  2. Michele says:

    Please post more like this and the Numbers 06 and 08

  3. dindi says:

    Please post more like this !

  4. Paula says:

    Hoi, Wat een leuke boekjes! Ga ze verkleinen en dan gebruiken in m’n poppenhuis. Bedankt hoor. Groetjes,

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