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As of today, The Ephemerist is also available in a mobile edition. Thanks to the iWPhone Theme and Plugin by ContentRobot, those extra mobile Ephemerist readers can savour their daily fix while on the move and without having to constantly zoom in an out of the page.

iWPhone basically strips the blog of all fancy extra’s (the Flash titles, the sidebar, what have you) and formats the rest in an easy to read template. You can view the complete post (including the graphics, because that’s what it’s all about), browse on categories, leave remarks (why don’t you) and share on digg, and Technorati to your heart’s content. No search as yet, and no diary.

By the way, I’m posting this using the MobileAdmin plugin for WordPress by Jared Bangs and Dan Cameron. This plugin allows you to use a mobile client for basic WordPress administration tasks, such as writing and editing new posts, managing comments, etc. This plugin too, is no full alternative to the native Admin site, but it really blends in with the iPhone interface, and is very good for basic, text only blogging.

As ever, I’ll keep you posted…

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