Spinvis cartooned

At last year’s Turnhout comics festival, Dutch singer-songwriter Spinvis performed on stage with a real pantheon of Dutch and Belgian comics artists. On the video, you hear Nagemaakte Gek (Counterfeit Crazy), with artistic support by Hanco Kolk. It wasn’t the first time the two met up on stage : during the Strips In Stereo event in Amsterdam in 2006 Kolk illustrated a rendition of Spinvis’ song Voor ik vergeet (Before I forget).

More videos after the break. Even if you don’t understand Dutch, the music is amazing.

In Staat Van Narcose (While Under Narcosis), again with Hanco Kolk.

Voor Ik Vergeet (Before I Forget), with Maarten Van de Wiele.

Herfst En Nieuwegein (Autumn And Nieuwegein), with Conz.

Kus Me Dan, En Bijt Mijn Tong Af (Then Kiss Me And Bite My Tongue), with Kim Duchateau.

Dag 1 (Day One), with Brecht Evens.

Bagagedrager, with Serge Baeken.

Wespen Op De Appeltaart (Wasps on the Apple Pie), with Floor De Goede.

Ik Adem Door Mijn Ogen (I Breathe Through My Eyes), with Lectrr.

Goochelaars En Geesten (Magicians And Ghosts), with Randall C (I think)

And finally a song that I don’t recognize, with beautiful art by Maaike Hartjes.

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