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Over the years, Tintin has inspired Belgian magazine cover designers to come up with references, parodies or paraphrasings of almost iconic images from his adventures. In this post, one from a Pourquoi Pas issue from 1988 and three Humo covers from 1985 and 1992. Pourquoi Paswas running an article on the difficulties of living as a Chinese in Belgium, and this take on the Blue Lotus cover, with a rather stereotypical Chinaman replacing Tintin, and a Belgian lion instead of the dragon, was a nice evocation of that subject.

The Humo images after the break are by Ever Meulen and Jan Bosschaert.


De Hermannen were a comical trio, consisting of Marcel Vanthilt, Bart Peeters and Hugo Matthijssen, who used German Schlagersanger Heino‘s iconic image for fairly hilarious and nonsensical performances. By 1985, when this cover was made, Ever Meulen’s style was clearly evolving, away from the slick clear-line-to-the-extreme to a more liberated, evocative one.


Halfway through the 1980’s, there was a minor scandal in Belgium when it became clear that the National Lotery, which is one of the sources of income for the government and a major patron for arts and charity initiatives, in fact was making money on certain people’s gambling addiction. only about 20 years later, this resulted in the Lotery actively campaigning against gambling addiction, and urging their clients to get to know their limitations.

I’m not really sure who did this. I guess it was Ever.


Humo’s Pop Poll is a yearly popularity poll among Humo readers. On the illustration, we see Belgian Astronaut Dirk Frimout and Bobje, Kamagurka’s man-dog character and faithful companion to everyman and philosopher Bert Vanderslagmulders. I’m pretty sure this cover is by Jan Bosschaert, who did a lot of covers in the early nineties. However, it also features a rendition of the Pop Poll Plate, which was designed by Ever.

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