Where Y’all From – or – One Year Already ??!!

Every day, this site welcomes about 200 visitors. That’s peanuts compared with the hordes that the likes of Yahoo or even aintitcoolnews.com pull in every hour, but for a humble one-man affair working on a shoe string, I think that’s mighty nice. Especially since I’ve never paid enough attention to promotion or anything remotely resembling marketing. For that : thank you.

But where do you all come from ? A quick glance at my stats that most of you find the Ephemerist through plain old, boring Google. 25 % of you is scavenging the net via a plethora of localized Google Images variants, and another 15 % is just searching around. StumbleUpon is also quite a good source for that kind of accidental hits. So, there goes the link love theory.

Anyway, after a year of blogging, I have the impression I’ve been able to build a good community of loyal readers (even though the majority of visitors were looking for my reports on my dealings with Quechup). Which is quite a nice feeling, I can tell you. I won’t let you down.

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