Disney Don’t Love Humo


This week’s Humo features a cover by Jeroom combines references to articles on near-death experiences and on the attitudes of Belgians towards money. It’s not a subtle cartoon (after all, this is Jeroom), but it’s a good one nevertheless.

Not so according to Disney’s local legal eagles. They are investigating if and how they can take action against this cover, which “goes to far”, according to spokesman Gil van Laer (in De Morgen).

(just to be on the safe side : cartoon © 2008, Jeroom; Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Eyore and Piglet, their likenesses and representation © Disney)

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5 Responses to Disney Don’t Love Humo

  1. i wrote the same thing on my blog 10x for it.

  2. moeder says:

    goed gedaan jochie

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