Wolverton apocalypse


In the early 1950’s, cartoonist Basil Wolverton was asked to come up with some horrific illustrations of what the Apocalypse will be like. According to Monte Wolverton, Basil’s son and a topical cartoonist in his own right, color versions of these images will be published later this year in a collected edition along with three hundred other Biblical illustrations.

Judging from the versions on the Wolvertoon site, this is something to look forward to. In the mean time, we still have the original black & white version (more after the break).

(artwork © Basil Wolverton estate)




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  1. Paul R Wilson says:

    I was rather amazed to read that Wolverton was a lifelong member, an officer even, of a heretic cult. The WCG worshipped on saturday, followed Jewish food laws, observed Jewish holy days, and taught the racist nonsense that white people (except Germans and Italians) are the Ten Lost Tribes. Negroes, according to them, were never meant to mix with whites. They also believed that between death and resurrection was a sleep of non-existence.

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