Inkspot Monologues


From march 3 until march 30, the Freud Gallery (198 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8JL) presents the artwork from the Inkspot Monologues by Keith Pointing. In this book a dysfunctional relationship therapist uses the Rorschach blot test to help people come to terms with their unsuccessful romantic relationships. Their stories are told through words and pictures, with people’s personalities and more particularly more unsavoury treats are masterfully depicted using elaborated ink blots.

Even though the art is totally different from his “The Man Who” cartoons, these pictures reminded me of the work by H.M. Bateman, thanks to the way sparce pictures and text work together to very accurately pinpoint man in all his smallness.

Later this year, the stories will be published by the Friday Project. Click on for more examples.



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  1. Gabriel says:

    Man, your blog is a great thing! Thanks a lot for your effort collecting images and scans.
    Blogs like yours makes me enjoy graphics and artworks that, otherwise, I could’t meet.
    Best regards.

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