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Tintin madness

As Charles Bremner reports, you’re looking at 764,200 euros (1.22 million dollars) here. That’s what this illustration in indian ink and gouache, was worth according to an anonymous French collector at a Paris auction last week. The total auction (653 … Continue reading

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Calvin & Hobbes

For real ! By Nina Matsumoto of Space Coyote. (via Neatorama)

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My kid done a Plunk..

and Cromheecke liked it !

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Doubtsourcing was launched by Sandeep Sood, owner of software consultancy company Monsoon, and is the Dilbert of the 21st century. It’s adequately geeky, and its writer obviously knows what he’s talking about. It even has something Dilbert doesn’t : art … Continue reading

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Toys convey the message

“Colorblind kids can see color. They just don’t see the same colors we see. Check you child’s eyesight for early detection.” Quite a good campaign fro the Taiba Hospital, playing on the defining function of conventional color schemes. The result … Continue reading

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Support the smurfs !

The Smurfs are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a tour across Europe. So far, they’ve turned up in Angoulème, Ghent and Scheveningen, and in each of these cities, thousands of lifesize white Smurfs turn up. If you find one, you … Continue reading

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Ever Lamp

My mom took a subscription to Humo Magazine, and I got her complementary Ever Meulen Lamp. Thanks, Mom !

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Blue Cheer !

This is very tempting. If you don’t quite feel it, check out here and here. Or below. And for more poster goodness, check out the Malleus site. Wow.

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You’re a PC, Charlie Brown

Lea Hernandez updates Peanuts for the 21st century.   I like the fact that she didn’t make Linus a Linux Geek.  After all, Linus is, essentially, a Mac.  He was even a Mac before Macs were invented…

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Free Elmer

OK, bear with me : Elmer is a “window into an alternate Earth where chickens have suddenly acquired the intelligence and consciousness of humans, where they consider themselves a race no different than whites, browns or blacks, and push to … Continue reading

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