Real life creeping in.


This august, the Lexington, KY Tates Creek High School Class of 1978 will be holding their reunion festivities (it being thirty years ago that they graduated, probably). This would be another fait divers, if one of the alumni weren’t Frank Cummings, since 2004 the assistant artist on the Blondie strip, one of the longest-running, most popular features in comic strip history.

Cummings placed his school’s logo on the cap of a kid passing by in a panel, but not before getting permission from King Features Syndicate, publishers of Blondie. In an interview with the Kentucky Leader-Herald, he said, “They’re very strict about any kind of promotion, and I was kind of afraid they wouldn’t let it go. But I told them it was my high school logo, and they said OK.”

It doesn’t get any more ephemeral than this, folks. So all hail Chris Pyle for spotting this one.

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