Soglow in his own write


Otto Soglow was a genius who mastered the art of capturing the essence of man in only a few lines. In his last Little King cartoon for the New Yorker, he has the people riot. Only Soglow would be able to have his hero do what is most feasible : riot along, and sift along with the sands of time. And it would seem that this was wat Soglow was after himself, as he stated in his own profile (below)…


These scans come courtesy Ernesto of the WPW posse. Thanks. The Little King is © King Features Syndicate.

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  1. RNB says:

    My favorite Little King strip was sometime in the late 50’s. The king was getting up in the morning and his valet was standing at the end of hte bed holding the kings pants out at arms length. The king did a double flip off the end of the bed and landed in the pants with the thought “one leg at a time – hah!!” If anyone has a copy of that strip or knows where one exists, I would love to have a copy

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