Blast from the past, in a new bottle


If you’ve been an Ephemerist regular for a while, you probably will remember my run-in with Quechup a while ago. If not, just have a look at the posts – it’s OK, I can handle it now; Quechup and I have not run into each other since.

However, I can’t help but pass on this nice little ditty, which proves that our favorite fiendish excuse for a social site is still knee-deep in its own blood-red goo. BrainMortgage tells how he got an apology from Quechup for sending the wrong newsletter. He quotes :

“Ooops… First of all a big, big apology for sending the February newsletter more than once and for sending the 2007 newsletter! This was due to an admin error at Quechup, needless to say those responsible will be making the tea for the next month. We hope it didn’t cause too much inconvenience and promise it won’t happen again.”

and than adds that he, indeed, did receive that apology twice. That’s two times.

Please apologize me for smirking…

(image, by the way, courtesy Masterblog – I thought it was remarkably appropriate)

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