Ever Lamp


My mom took a subscription to Humo Magazine, and I got her complementary Ever Meulen Lamp.

Thanks, Mom !

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4 Responses to Ever Lamp

  1. Loesje says:

    found one in Kringwinkel! 5 euro yes yes

  2. Hi Djamiel –

    In short – no. I love it too much.

    You may try Ebay or the regular comic conventions in Belgium or France. I’ve even seen one for sale in Angoulême…

    take care.

  3. Djamiel says:

    Hello wim,
    Would you be willing to sell this lamp to me?

    I have one but it fell off my closet
    And the plastic with the design is broken..

    I love this lamp
    And dont think i’ll ever find one again..

  4. Mike Rhode says:


That's my opinion. But do leave yours:

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