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The Smurfs are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a tour across Europe. So far, they’ve turned up in Angoulème, Ghent and Scheveningen, and in each of these cities, thousands of lifesize white Smurfs turn up. If you find one, you can take him home, paint him and take part in a competition. But at the same time, these little gnomes also create awareness about Unicef, the Smurfs’ and Studio Peyo’s charity of choice (remember the quite disturbing ad they did together last year).


Check out the mirth and surprise at each of these locations, and especially admire the Astérix smurf that Albert Uderzo painted in Angoulème.

And if you’re not in Europe, or just to lazy to go smurf hunting, why not buy your own ? They’re for sale at the Unicef Shop, they’re like three apples high (which is about 7 inches) and they’re only 10 Euro’s (which is about 15 USD, I gather). So, there’s no reason not to. Get one, paint one, fly.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hey Wim, can you actually order these for overseas shipping? If not… what’re the odds of seeing one in the mail from you? ;^)

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