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Arkham Asylum Trailer

If DC ever greenlights a movie based on Grant Morrison and Dave McKean’s Arkham Asylum, they needn’t look any further. This Spanish “fake trailer” by Ferran Brooks is simply awesome. And I’m choosing my words carefully. By carefully imitating the … Continue reading

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Batman and Robin in Vietnam

Over on Ethan Persoff‘s wonderful site, a bootleg Vietnamese Batman and Robin Comic Book from the 1960’s can be found. This book is clearly inspired by the then popular Batman television series, with an invisible Robin, space ships, villains with … Continue reading

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Never Been

Never Been, a nine meter long wordless narrative scroll by Stuart Kolakovic, is now completely available online ! It’s a magnificent tale of loss and regret, beautifully rendered in Kolakovic’s trademark style, combining contemporary cartoon elements and references to traditional … Continue reading

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Why So Similar ?

College Humor presents the new Dark Knight trailer remade with footage from the Tim Burton Batman film.  Just to make a point : it’s a remake, the same story all over again.  It’s as if the origin of the Joker … Continue reading

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Brian Biggs Stationary

I received a cute envelope today, containing one empty sheet of equally cute stationary paper designed by none other than Mr. Brian Biggs ! I felt like a schoolgirl, collecting Diddl sheets… (images altered to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent … Continue reading

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If you are getting a tattoo…

… why not go all the way ? (from Emptees – thanks, Ivow !)

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Kuper for Zozolala

Issue 159 of the excellent (free !) Dutch comics review magazine Zozolala features an interesting interview with illustrator and cartoonist Peter Kuper. And on that occasion, Kuper provided the magazine with an exclusive cover illustration. (ill. © Peter Kuper)

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