Kim & Jan play & draw

Yesterday we took the kids to an afternoon performance by song-and-dance-man Jan De Smet (as a life-long Dylan fan, he won’t mind me calling him that) and cartoonist Kim Duchateau.  Jan played songs on his multitude of instruments : mostly translations of Woody Guthrie‘s children’s songs, but also song from his own repertoire.  Meanwhile, Kim provided live wacky illustrations.

It was pretty impressive to see how the two of them improvised and played together, considering that this was the frist time they did this.  I liked the way every drawing was ready by the time the song was inished, and vice versa.

Everytime a drawing was finished, somebody from the audience was invited to take the drawing outside, to be included in an impromptu exhibition.  All drawings were then awarded as prizes in a raffle (I didn’t win, sadly).

As it was past four o’clock by now, we were treated to a nice piece of Kim-And-Jan-cake.

Which was tasty !

All in all, a very nice, wholesome afternoon for the whole family.

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