Eisner in PS Magazine Online

Fans of Will Eisner, rejoice ! The Virginia Commonwealth University library seems to have quite a few issues of the fabled P.S. Magazine in its collections, and has now made complete scans for 145 regular issues, 3 special issues, and 14 index issues available on their Digital Collections website.

PS magazine, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly, is a publication by LOGSA, the US Army Logistics Support Activity, aimed at spreading awareness about the necessity of taking good care of your gear. Eisner started this magazine in 1951, and continued to work on until the 1970s with Klaus Nording, Mike Ploog and other artists (ref) through his company, American Visuals Corporation.

The magazine is still being published today, with contributions by Joe Kubert and others. PDF versions of current issues are available at the PS Magazine website.

(thanks to the members of the WillEisnersPS-Mag Yahoo group)

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