Wear a hard hat

You will have noticed that some things are changing here at the Ephemerist. We recently upgraded to WordPress 2.5 (much to our delight, I must say), and we are currently changing the way we add metadata to the blog’s posts.

Up till now, we used a quite cumbersome list of categories. That was less than ideal for two reasons. Firstly, it lead to an ever expanding list of categories with only one or two entries, making the pageload heavier and heavier. Secondly, it caused recurring pondering about which category to choose. Since 2.5 offers the possibility to use tags as well as categories, we are currently limiting the number of categories used in the blog, and adding extra tags to the posts.

At the moment, certain posts may not yet be categorised, or may not have been given tags. This may result in you not finding what you’re looking for. If that is the case, if you find a post that’s missing metadata or if you think that something is wrong with the metadata of another post, please let me know. Also, as we’re also changing the way videos are embedded in the blog, some videos may be unavailable at the moment. Drop me a line !

We expect to have this migration finished by the end of the month. Until then, please bear with us, and wear a hard hat.

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