The Milky Bar Kid

The Milky Bar Kid used to promote Nestlé’s Milky Bar white chocolate in TV commercials in the UK, Australia and a few other countries. A comic with the “blond, spectacle-wearing young boy, usually dressed as a cowboy” (Wikipedia), featured on the back pages of UK comic magazine TV Comic (in this case, issue 716 from 1965).

(Thanks, Ian, for the scan)

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2 Responses to The Milky Bar Kid

  1. Dr Mark Stocker says:

    I was bothered about the name of the MBK’s chief foe – he’s not named in the strip you show here.
    Reference to the TV Comic Annual for 1963 in my collection revealed all: Beed Dyson (boo, hiss!)
    No doubt the spelling was to avoid any real life Bede Dyson from suing the excellent comic.

  2. Martha Brygman says:

    i remember getting this comic in the 1960s. The Milky Bar Kid was a favourite of mine; as it was so well drawn. And i always started to read the comic from the back page, where his weekly adventure appeared. I was quite shocked one day, when the Milky Bar Kid and his male friend and possibly a girl, sneaked into the circus “big top”, sliding under the fabric walls of the tent. How could the wholesome Milky Bar Kid, a symbol for good verses evil, do something so naughty! The balance of the universe was quickly restored, as they were discovered by the Ringmaster, who promptly put “the Kid” over his knee for a sound spanking.


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