World’s Worst Comic Book Museum

As they say themselves, the World’s Worst Comic Book Museum is dedicated to comics

“dredged from the bargain boxes of Comics shops from one side of the continent to the other, [and] there is hardly a volume in these four boxes for which more than 50 cents was paid. Oh, there is some good reading in there too, as well as mighty bad, for the bargain boxes become home to both ends of the spectrum. Those comics which aim high and hit are often as unsaleable as those which aim anywhich way and wildly miss. Not all of the bad ones display their full badness on the front cover – all of them must be read in full to be truly appreciated. I shall do my best here to provide an overview of the wide range of bargain comics the discriminating collector rejects.”

Judging that they only originate from “Comics shops from one side of the continent to the other”, this is as “world’s” as the myriad of World Series that the US is famous for. But it is a quite entertaining overview, nevertheless.

Update – I just got scolded by the Man-In-The-Know that the above statement is false and based on eurosnobbery and wrong information. For starters, there’s only one American sport that has its “world series” and that’s baseball. And secondly, that world series was not named after it being the championship of the world, but rather the championship that was sponsored by the New York Daily The World. So, here’s to that Man-In-The-Know, who discovered this gem in the first place. Three cheers ! Huzzah !

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