Never Been

Never Been, a nine meter long wordless narrative scroll by Stuart Kolakovic, is now completely available online ! It’s a magnificent tale of loss and regret, beautifully rendered in Kolakovic’s trademark style, combining contemporary cartoon elements and references to traditional art from Eastern Europe.

What’s particularly interesting about this piece, is that it’s essentially one big drawing, in which the different frames that make up the narrative, are flawlessly meshed. Important turns in the story are accentuated by changing the visual direction of the art as well (reminiscent of Scott McCloud’s infinite canvas – Mr. McCloud’s influence is spreading, it would seem). In short, a beautiful piece, that I would very much like to own in hardcopy. Stuart, you know what to do !

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3 Responses to Never Been

  1. Austin Kleon says:

    Wow…great find! I especially like that little flash illustration at the beginning…

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