Spider-Man at the Library of Congress

On its Blog the Library of Congress announces that it has been able to acquire the original art by Steve Ditko for Amazing Fantasy 15 (1962), featuring the very first Spider-Man story ever, “complete with pencil erasures and white-out opaquing fluid”.

As a Belgian who was brought up on a steady diet of Hergé, Franquin and Peyo (and later Tardi, Comes and Schuiten), I only came across Spider-Man (and other superheroes, for that matter) until I was in my late twenties (I even got scorned by some people for getting hooked – they even accused me of slumming).  That said, I thought that Peter Parker was bitten by a radio-active spider and thus gained his spider-sense.  As it turns out, that was a retcon if ever I saw one.

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