Help Darko !

Croatian cartoonist Darko Macan‘s weekly web comic, MiÅ¡o, got dropped last week after his client decided to drop all contracts with freelancers. Considering he’s a nice guy, who can draw a mile (he worked for Dark Horse, DC and Marvel in the past), I’d very much like to help him. So, if anybody of you ephemerists has some space left in your publications or websites, why not give MiÅ¡o a shot ?

To be honest, I don’t read Croatian myself (I’m waiting for the translation), but the art is quite funny, and from what I hear, it’s a pretty satirical tale as well.

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  1. John Freeman says:

    That’s bad news — any way of getting in touch with Darko? Perhaps he’d like to put it on mobile via rokcomics? Happy to talk to him. I can’t read Craotian either and couldn’t find an email address on the web site you’ve linked to, but the strip looks great

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