Floc’h Illustrateur

It’s always a pleasure seeing new, interesting blogs pop up about ephemeral aspects of comics. With L’Homme Dans La Foule, blogger Basil Sedbuk tries to trace the quite voluminous output of French artist Floc’h outside the confines of comics : illustrations, limited edition prints, magazine covers, the works.

I particularly liked the above cover for French magazine Monsieur, since it features a man in a suit and two suited up men.

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One Response to Floc’h Illustrateur

  1. Basil Sedbuk says:

    Hello there, thanks for your post, we do our best indeed to share on the art of Floc’h, as he is quite famous for his comics but most of his work is actually in the field of illustration among which The New Yorker takes a great place as he works for them very often. So come back any time to find out what our latest treasures are!

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