Green Cross Man

Green Cross (Code) Man was the mascot of a long-running campaign created by the UK National Road Safety Committee in an attempt to raise awareness with children about how to be safe on the road.  The campaign included short films on television (starring David Prowse), and ads like this one, from TV Comic 1500 (September 19, 1980).

(Thanks to Ian for the scan…)

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  1. Joe says:

    These ads ran on TV as well during the 70s, I remember them being on when I was a young schoolboy. Then of course weightlifter Dave Prowse went on to become Darth Vader! That made a lot of kids in Britain laugh that Darth Vader was really the Green Cross Code Man! Sadly they didn’t use his voice with the lovely West Country accent – a great accent but perhaps not quite right for Darth…

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