Johnny & Anny (1)

It’s my birthday today, and so I thought I’d do something special.

I present to you my (almost complete) scans of a vintage Flemish comic book by Renaat Demoen (more here): Johnny And Anny And The Secret Of The Devil’s Pit. It was first published in serialised form in 1947 in the catholic youth weekly Zonneland, as the second story about the young orphan Johnny (the first one was done by Jan Waterschoot). The story was by René Adriaensens.  In 1949, a collected edition was published by Averbode.

It was also the first comic book that my mother had, and she literally read it to shreds (as a result , I don’t have the last two pages…)

I haven’t had a chance of translating this yet, but the scans had been sitting on my computer for long enough to finally post them. If you have any pointers on how to letter an existing comic, or want to give me hand, please get in touch !

The scans will be distributed over six posts, starting now !

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