Arsene Roisin

In her blog Not Dead Yet, Judith Taylor, an 80-year old retired PA from Hertfordshire (United Kingdom), consistently writes down things she would like to live on after she’s gone. In 2006 she wrote a short account on a romance she experienced with the French cartoonist Arsène Roisin, who sadly died when he was only 32.

It’s wonderful art and a wonderful account. It confronted me with my own prejudice that older people always were old, and never had a life of their own.

I would like to learn more about this artist Рthe only thing I could find was a listing of issues of the French weekly Le H̩risson to which he contributed in 1952.

(thanks to John Freeman for the link)

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  1. Guau! Me gustó tu blog, lo voy a tener en cuenta, sigue así!

  2. COURTINES says:

    Chère Madame,
    Je suis né en 1940, et j’ai très bien connu Arsène ROISIN, qui s’est marié avec ma cousine Evelyne Bilewski et à eu 2 Filles
    Je possède encore un dessin qui m’a été destiné alors que je n’avais que 4 ans
    Dans mes souvenirs je remémore un garçon adorable et d’une extrême gentillesse.
    Il m’a aidé lors de mes études alors qu’il demeurai à Pont Ste Maxence et moiu avec mes grands Parents à Pontpoint
    Si vous désirez en savoir plus, n’hésitez pas à me contacter
    Je vous présente mes respectueuses salutations
    Jean-Michel COURTINES

  3. Glad to know I’ve rattled your prejudices a bit, that’s just what I’m about! Glad to know too that you found the young artist’s work worth showing. I must say that I am constantly surprised at the places and people that my blog reaches. I have to wonder how you found it in the first place.

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