M&L With Ever

M&L used to be the bimonthly magazine if the Flemish official agency for “Monuments and landscapes” (now the agency for the protection of our immobile heritage). For a government publication, it was a quite glossy production, with lots of top-rate photography and every so often a beautiful cover illustration by an important Flemish illustrator.

These two covers by Ever Meulen were published in 1992 and 1994 respectively, and are good examples of Ever’s evolving style at that time. On the one hand, there is the soft, almost pastel-like coloring in the 1992 piece (above), while the 1994 piece shows Ever’s almost Escher-like composition of elements that are three-dimensional bodies and flat surfaces at the same time (most notably the car in the front).

A mild warning : the full page scans the images link to are quite large, so if you’re not on broadband, prepare for some waiting time.

(all images © Ever Meulen)

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