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Tracy Pup ?

Jeremy Eaton‘s new Cartoon Character Jumbles are quite a delight.  As are his other cartoons for that matter (I especially like the ones with the Alice theme in the Drawn Perspective series)

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Hellboy is a comic, remember ?

This is nice : an animated comic used as a prequel / backstory / trailer for the upcoming Hellboy 2 : The Golden Army, by Mike Mignola himself.

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Speech Bubble Whiteboard

This speech bubble whiteboard was created by Chris Burke.  Read more at Lifehacker, or check out Chris’ Flickr collection.

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Batman art

Two nice Batman art pieces, found recently via This Isn’t Happiness : One of 40 fakes by Sam Flores and a nice intense Batman by Roger Olmos

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Skeezix Coloring Book

Skeezix Coloring Book, from Laura Park’s Flickr collection.  Laura’s got a story in the new Superior Showcase collection from Adhouse Books.  It’s recommendable !

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Meet… Masked Vengeance!

I love fotonovellas, and these ads (by Volcano of Johannesburg) for Dewfresh give them a nice edge.  Even so, I would very much like to see any figures about people actually reading this until the final panel… (from Ads of … Continue reading

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Berberian times

(from Comix Pouf !)

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