Smurfs over Liege

On their year-long Anniversary Tour of Europe, the Smurfs took over Liège today.  And even though that’s not far from where I live, the weather was too bad to make the trip, and besides, I had work to do.

We’d bought our Smurfs from Unicef anyhow, as that is the main purpose of this campaign : raising awareness (and money) for that cause.  Which brings me to something that has been on my mind since this campaign started.  All those lowlives who are selling these charity smurfs on Ebay for $ 50 or more, you should be ashamed of yourselves for more than one reason :

  1. Chances are you grabbed handfuls of Smurfs from the street in whatever city you live in, leaving nothing for the children who were meant to find them,
  2. You’re trying to make money from something that you didn’t pay zip for yourself
  3. The amount of money you ask is totally outrageous, as Unicef sells the same figures for a mere € 10
  4. You’re actually stealing from the charity that these figures were made for.

So there.

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