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And if anybody dares to congratulate me with my promotion by saying “pleasantly surprised”…

While browsing through Vacature (see earlier) this morning, it struck me that its publishers had used an age-old solution to the problem of how to keep your readers interested, and keep them from simply skipping this huge wad of paper full of, well, quite similar ads for jobs.

At certain intervals, Vacature inserts pages with editorial content and background. A fixed feature of these pages are short strips by Flemish cartoonist Ilah (blogged about earlier). These strips always have a subject related to the workplace and employment, and more often than not feature that typical Ilah strain of humor, which is not exactly biting but not too gentle either.

OK, George, you were given a year as a crisis manager, and one year later it appears that your budget estimation was totally ridiculous, and that you have not taken any effective measure, but it also appears once more that your only question is how you will communicate this to the people ? Maybe your future is in politics ?

– Oh well, with all these landscape offices you never know who’s the boss, of course

– Oh, yes you do : the one who gets away with taking a magazine to the bathroom, that’s the boss…

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